Love this horse!

I just heard about  Paragon this last week through Robert Dover’s blog and I’m blown away. This horse and rider combination are an exciting pair and I have a feeling we’ll start hearing a lot more about them. For some dressagy inspiration, check out this video!



Thank you to Pooh’s friend for taking these amazing photos of Willoughby last weekend.

Concepts I can’t forget

I’ve had this post in my draft box for 6 months. I wrote down pointers when Will was rehabing so I wouldn’t forget what to do when he came back.

1. Feel each step in the reins

2. Counter shoulder-in exercises really helped to keep Will through and soft (DON’T FORGET)

3. Direct with my reins, instead of pulling back

4. Yield the feet over in the canter, then bound forward

5. Step into my stirrups for the changes, instead of over asking with my leg

6. Remember to ride after the change!

7. Keep my outside shoulder back in half-passes

A Kink

About a week ago I got on and things didn’t feel right. Will felt squirmy and resistant in the contact. I spent the majority of the ride at the walk and then gave up. Something wasn’t quite right. I ran over every inch of his body after the ride and found a divot in his muscling on the left side of his back under the saddle.  I called our acupuncturist/chiropractor and she suggested a weekend off with lots of massage and stretching. So we took it easy. I was a little worried because Will’s weak spot is his back (oh, and his intestines!) and it’s caused us trouble and time off before. Luckily after some rest he seemed much better! Sometimes he can be resistant and strong with me, but generally he wants to please.  I need to remember to listen to him and to myself when something doesn’t feel right, because there often is a reason for it. This post is to serve as my reminder!

It’s been a week now and he is feeling really good. Tonight Will was able to keep his canter for a whole big circle. He took big strides behind and felt strong. We overcame the kink, at least for now 🙂

This weekend we’re scheduled for our first outing since June. We’re trailering over to Sommerset Farm for a lesson with Ellen. I can’t wait!



The Stable has been featured in a list of 50 Horse and  Equestrian Blogs on Veterinarian Technician’s blog .

45. The Stable : Those show horses will appreciate and relate to this blog where the writer chronicles her shows and daily activities with horses.

COOLIO!! And we’re in such good company!

13. Spotty Horse : This blog will reel you in because it’s clearly written by a true horse lover and natural rider who isn’t afraid to ask readers for help when she needs it.



Willoughby had dental work done earlier this week. He was overdue but we wanted to wait awhile post-surgery before subjecting him to any more treatments! He had some points and ulcers on his cheeks. Dr. Lisa filed them down, so he should be much happier now. And hopefully he’ll squeak less too.


And we’re cantering!

Mr. Will got the stamp of the approval from Dr. Lisa so we’re cantering!! He’s pretty weak behind though, so his canter feels very small.

Last Friday, Ellen cam over to give us a half lesson. It was very exciting. She helped us with the canter and gave us an exercise that will help to encourage him to take bigger steps behind. We canter for a few strides and wind in to the trot. By doing this, he has to reach and take bigger steps with his hind legs. It’s also a good for controlling him since he has lots of energy right now!  As our lesson progressed and we started doing more movements, Willoughby became more excited. It was really cute and made me happy to see and feel that he really enjoys his job. It’s great to be back!