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Post-Op, Day 31. A Sight For Sore Eyes.

A sight for sore eyes

This photo was taken yesterday, before I took off to Detroit for the Detroit Maker Faire. Nothing like a great big pile to make me feel better about leaving for the week. A huge thank you to Eva for keeping an eye on Will while I’m gone.


Post-Op, Day 28. 4 Weeks!

Post-Op, 28 days

Wounds are healing

Tail is freshly clipped. I'm keeping him in show condition during rehab - it makes him feel better.

Pictures from Woodside! HFFL – Horse Friends For Life!

Lauren, Brandon, Odie, Moi!

Lauren, Brandon, Eva, & Odie

Katey A. & Roma

Sarah & Susie

Odie & Farinelli

Post-Op, Day 25. Turnout is banned!

Willoughby is starting to feel good, too good. In turnout he’s been squealing at the wind and doing dolphin dives. I called Dr. Lisa to see how much activity is allowed and her answer is NONE. He can not play because the big fibrous band in his belly is at a crucial healing point. So the only turnout he can have is on an end of the lead rope! Hopefully he can stay calm, otherwise we may have to resort to drugs, which I would prefer to stay away from.

Post-Op, Day 22 – 23. Horse-filled Weekend.

Ellen was in town for Susan Treabass’s Winters to WEG clinic and dinner. Since we had to scratch our ride, I attended as Eva & Final’s groom. It was fun to watch all the riders and to hear Ellen teaching. At times I felt like I was riding along with the riders, feeling the responses from the horses. I must continue to stay sharp by soaking in as much as I can in my down time!

On Sunday, I drove down to Woodside to watch my friend’s compete. The Woodside facility is great and I’m impressed by how much improvement the management has made in the last couple years. My friend’s did great at the show and it was so much fun watching them ride!

Don’t worry, Will was not neglected this weekend! He had his first bath on Saturday and he looked like a show pony after. He’s already lost that look in just two days! He’s been a bit hyper so I haven’t been able to turn him out by himself. I have to stand there and supervise him! He’s also been a handful during our walking sessions. You think the 100 degree heat would knock him out! Hopefully I can do a better job at containing his energy.

Pictures to come!!!

Post-Op, Day 21

Big day in rehab.

1. Suture removal!

We had to coax Will with treats and drugs in order to pull out the tiny staples!

2. Acupuncture appointment with Dr. Susan Parry

Susan is happy with Will’s recovery. She taught me some exercises and stretches and encouraged me to “walk with precision”.  We’re trying our best not to continue the lazy walks. We have work to get done and a topline to build!

Check out those needles!

E-stem on his hiney

Dr. Susan with Will during treatment

Post-Op, Day 19

I had to go in to our offices today, in Sonoma County. First full day away from Willoughby in 19 days!  I saw him in the morning and then my dear husband visited him the afternoon. He even sent an email on Willoughby’s behalf.

Hello. When can we play again? Will