Crossing Fingers for Cantering

Dr. Lisa Wallace is coming out this Saturday to checkout Mr. Willoughby. Specifically, she’s going to be inspecting his abdominal wall to make sure it’s stronger. Last month there were still some weak spots that you could feel with your finger. We’re in our fourth week of trotting (now up to 20 minutes of trot) and I’m really hoping we get the green light to start cantering next week. I’m crossing my fingers!!!



Post-Op, 5 Months

Dirty Pony!

Excuse the blurry photo! This is Will at 5 months post-op. He’s starting to lose his hay belly and the swelling around his scar is slowing becoming more and more unnoticeable. We’re trotting for 15 minutes in a 35 minute work out. He’s working up a sweat and I’m getting my seat back!

It’s incredible to feel him get stronger with each ride. When I first started trotting three weeks ago, he would occasionally trip or misstep. The first week it felt like I was riding a german shepherd with hip dysplasia, he was so weak behind! During his second week of trotting, i felt the swing in his trot again. The third week, I felt power! A couple of nights ago, I introduced a bit of shoulder-in. Going to the left, it felt okay. Then I went to the right and he gave me an upper-level shoulder-in. It was the best feeling ever. My pony is back!

Stall Modd

The boys at work



Will checking out his new digs

Last week we modded Will’s stall by putting plywood over the bars so his little feet wouldn’t hit them, bend them, or get caught in them. His stall looks a bit like a cell now, but it’s a better and safer alternative! Thanks to Eva and Ali, we finished the project in a short few hours, which included a missing parts run to Home Depot! And we finished it just in time because a rain storm hit the next day and well, you know how much Mr. Will likes camping!!!

Opps, he did it again.

Eva walked into Will’s stall last night as I was adding more shavings and gasped.

These pictures don’t do it justice. Somehow Will was able to get his feet up on those bars again and bend them. Once is ENOUGH. This horse seriously needs a padded stall. We locked Will outside in his paddock for now. He’s camping for a few days. And on Thursday night, my husband and I are doing a stall renovation. We’re going to get some thick wood to cover the bars so that he won’t be able to kick anything in. Yes, it will like a dungeon, but there aren’t a lot of options at this point!! The barn manufacturer saw the results of the first accident and said he hadn’t seen anything like it in his 20 years of building barns, and now we’ve seen it twice within 4 months. Will is my special problem child, isn’t he 🙂

The Will Update, Post Op 4 Months

We have been patiently walking under saddle now for over 6 weeks and tonight we get to TROT! I’m so excited. Just walking actually hasn’t been that boring. We’ve practiced shoulder-ins, leg yield, half passes, and walk pirouettes. I can feel that Will is ready to trot and to do more. Dr. Lisa came out last week to check on him before we took it to the next level. He still has some areas in his abdominal wall that need to heal. You can feel the spaces along his scar where the tissue still needs to come together. But Dr. Lisa said this was pretty normal and that we can still trot. YAY!

Will after his walk workout

Highlights from Burbank

This past weekend I was in Burbank, CA for the California Dressage State Championships. My dear friend’s, Sarah and Odie, were showing so I showed up to be their cheerleaders and helper. It was a blast. It’s a lot of fun to participate in shows without actually showing!! I enjoyed visiting with old friends and getting the chance to watch more rides. I’m looking forward to getting Will back in to show shape and being part of the big show next year!


Odie, Sarah, Me!



Sarah & Susie



Odie & Faranelli



Visit with Kami & Ella!



Handmade tack trunk by Sarah's amazing husband, Brandon


New York, New York!

I just returned from an 11 day trip to NYC. I helped to put on the  World Maker FaireNew York but was also able to spend some time visiting friends and my sister. It was a blast and now I’m finding myself missing the fast pace and stimulation of the city.

subways, wild outfits, fashion, big glasses, museums, cafes, risotto, taxis, lights

Sister, Me, Sister-In-Law, Sister's Roomie

Christel and I in Central Park

World Maker Faire New York

Metro Man at World Maker Faire New York

Brigitte, Me, and Sheena at World Maker Faire New York