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Holiday Travels!

We started our holiday travels a bit early this year! A cousin of mine had a wedding in Lousiville and then we stopped on our way home in Chicago to spend a couple days with Grams. As we were walking through downtown Chicago I spotted this building:


Cold Spell

A cold front has hit Northern California. We’re dipping in to the 20’s at night. Horses are getting double blanketed, ice has to be broken in the sheep’s trough, and the dog has to be tucked in at night. We’re such wimps!

Willoughby’s Pajamas

It was pretty cold last night when we got done riding so I decided to put a sheet on Willougby under his big winter blanket. I threw the sheet on and this is what I saw:

So either his blanket shrunk when it was washed or he grew! I’m thinking it’s a combination of the two. Hopefully Willoughby’s neighbor, Otto, will enjoy the almost-new sheet!

Bringing It Together

My dear friend and coach, Ellen Eckstein, just came out with a new book about her training philosophies. She’s been working on this book for a couple of years now so we’re all very excited to see the final product! Ellen’s style of teaching is very unique. It’s based on a lot of feeling and the horses learn and understand some fundamental concepts that become so important as you progress up the levels. My horses have always reached their top potential with her and best of all, they’ve enjoyed the journey. You don’t want to get me going on how much I’ve learned!!!

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the book site.






Laptop Hidden


Fresh warm air


Delicious Food

Lots to be Thankful for this year.

Family & Friends, Thanksgiving 2009