A Kink

About a week ago I got on and things didn’t feel right. Will felt squirmy and resistant in the contact. I spent the majority of the ride at the walk and then gave up. Something wasn’t quite right. I ran over every inch of his body after the ride and found a divot in his muscling on the left side of his back under the saddle.  I called our acupuncturist/chiropractor and she suggested a weekend off with lots of massage and stretching. So we took it easy. I was a little worried because Will’s weak spot is his back (oh, and his intestines!) and it’s caused us trouble and time off before. Luckily after some rest he seemed much better! Sometimes he can be resistant and strong with me, but generally he wants to please.  I need to remember to listen to him and to myself when something doesn’t feel right, because there often is a reason for it. This post is to serve as my reminder!

It’s been a week now and he is feeling really good. Tonight Will was able to keep his canter for a whole big circle. He took big strides behind and felt strong. We overcame the kink, at least for now 🙂

This weekend we’re scheduled for our first outing since June. We’re trailering over to Sommerset Farm for a lesson with Ellen. I can’t wait!



3 responses to “A Kink

  1. Bar has really taught me to listen and be patient.

    It isn’t always easy, but it seems to usually turn out to be for the best.

  2. Oh! And I’m dying to know how the lesson went! I hope it went, seeing as our weather hasn’t been exactly cooperative!

  3. Nice topic I had fun reading it coz I’m a horse lover.

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