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Technology – we can do it!

I’m in the process of renewing all of my horse memberships so I can enter into a February dressage show. At last most of the membership renewals can be processed online. But it baffles me that we can’t enter into a show using an online web form. The entry forms for CA dressage shows are ridiculously confusing and time consuming to fill out. It seems so “old school” to be filling out paperwork and mailing it in to enter into a horse show. Oh – and photocopying all of our membership forms (rider, owner, horse for USDF, USEF, and CDS) to include in the packet. I’m sure all this paperwork makes the show organizer’s life a living hell. So I would like to encourage USDF, USEF, and CDS, to come up with a new system, after all it’s 2010!!


Great Horse Weekend

This last week I went down to Ellen’s on Central Coast for a couple lessons before trailering Willoughby back home. I had two great lessons. The first lesson on Saturday was a bit wild. It was very windy and as Ellen put he was “on the muscle”. I was starting to wonder where my sweet and quiet boy went! He was jazzed and feeling really good. We worked on the flying change preparation, really getting him yield over in the canter, making sure he wasn’t sitting too much or slowing down. I felt a bit lost on him because he really had jumped to the next level in just three weeks (I left him in training while I was traveling over the holidays). By Sunday I had a better understanding of what to do and feel. Plus he was a lot calmer! I ended up getting two fabulous flying changes by asking him to yield over, then changing the weight in my stirrups. It was amazing!!! And the trot work felt incredible too. Here’s a short video of the trot work.
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