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Post-Op Day 63, And We’re Off!

Witness our first ride together!

Willoughby was such a good boy!!
He’s been behaving himself so I decided to try and ride without giving him any ace because I’m not a big fan of using drugs if I don’t have too. He was perfect. And after the first couple of steps, it felt like a day hadn’t gone by without having been on him. It feels so good to put my breeches back on! And Willoughby had a very satisfied look on his face too. I think he’s happy to be back, even if his exercise under saddle only consists of 10 minutes of walking!


Post-Op Day 60, Introduction of the Saddle

Last night I took Will for a walk with his saddle on. He didn’t seem to have an opinion about it one way or another. I want him to get used to the extra weight of the saddle before I get on him later this week. I can hardly believe I get to start riding again. Granted we’ll be going very slowly but it will feel so good to get those breeches and boots back on!

Looking pretty dorky in his gear!!!

Post-Op, Day What?!

I’ve lost track of what post-op day it is and I think that’s a good sign!

Will and I survived the week apart, thanks to Eva! Can’t thank her enough for walking Will and keeping a good eye on him!

He’s a hyper boy and sure loves getting out for his walks. I gave him a bath yesterday so he can feel like a true show horse!

Show Pony