Monthly Archives: March 2010

Horse Heaven in Napa

Last weekend I took a mini-field trip to visit my friend at Toyon Farm in Napa. It is literally horse heaven! I can’t decide if my favorite part about this place is the gym inside a nicely redone stall or the the fancy pond out front that serves as water trough (not pictured)!


Dogs in the Snow

Huckleberry Finn, the Chocolate Lab Mix is my dog. Dakota, my sister’s dog is a Norwegian Elk Hound. Dakota is a very devious dog and I think this expression in the last picture really captures his personality!

Horse Show Update

The February show was fabulous. It started out with some big doubts though. As I drove up to the stable in the pouring rain at night, I thought to myself, “am I this crazy? Why on earth am I at a horse show in Feb. in Nor. CA?”. My expectations for the show changed as soon as I drove past the big and scary tented arenas. If I just get through a single test ALIVE, I would be happy!

The next morning it was still raining. We woke up at 4:30 to get ready for our ride. Yes, this is my vacation time folks! Willoughby handled the tents like a pro. He really blew me away. I had no excuses, I actually had to ride my tests!

Not all 5 tests I rode were perfect but each one got a little better and we both started feeling more confident as we went. I was really proud that we were able to get 10 meter canter circles without breaking or looking like we were going to tip over! That was a major accomplishment. We got some qualifying scores at the show but most importantly we had fun and we learned a lot! Everyone else in our barn did really well too and I enjoyed spending time with all my horse friends!