March Clinic

Just finished a great clinic with my coach, Ellen Eckstein. Here’s what I learned:
– Ride step by step. EVERY STEP (always think of the New Kids on the Block song when I hear that phrase!)
– Start my trot half passes with a shoulder-in and keep the shoulder-in feeling (I was pushing the haunches over too much)
– Prepare for each movement by riding EVERY STEP
– Be casual about the flying changes
– Change the weight in my stirrups when asking for a flying change, instead of over-asking with my lower legs.
– Keep him soft and always work towards a “falling down” neck


3 responses to “March Clinic

  1. I’m trying hard not to think of the New Kids, now–thanks, Katie!

    Good post, good breakdown of what you’re doing with Willoughby specifically.

    I like the step by step bit as a philosophy, too. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, let alone our horses.

  2. Hi Katie,

    Great advice on the changes. I am going to try to remember this on Thursday when I have my lesson on Pluto. He’s’ great at his changes but I need how to learn to ask correctly. Good luck at the show on Saturday.

    Annette (Pooh)

  3. Pooh – glad the advice was helpful! But thank Ellen, it’s her words from our last clinic! Good luck in your lesson. You’ll have to let me know how it goes!

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